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These are the values that we’ve chosen to guide us in the way we create our work,
and the way that we work together behind the scenes of ALONE.

Our values represent a touchstone to give clarity and purpose to our mahi.  If you'd like to help us achieve any of our dreams or goals centered on our values you are always welcome to connect with us. 


We believe that as artists we should make work that we are proud of and that we agree with.  We believe that you should have something to say and use your art to say it. 

Feminism, climate sustainability, and 

compassion are some of the values at the core of our story.  And so too are they at the core of what we make and how we make it. 

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Climate advocacy is a crucial message within our show.  We hope to empower each other and our audiences to learn more about climate change and how we can help.  We're incorporating and prioritising low-impact theatre production and practicing reducing, reusing, and recycling.  For instance, did you know our season one set and props were all made from recycled scientific equipment which would otherwise have been destined for landfill? 

We're also partnering with Trees that Count - a reforestation programme that plants native NZ trees to assist with CO2 absorption.  We’ll be fundraising towards the Trees That Count programme throughout our regional tour in 2021.




We want to use our art to help build a kinder world by encouraging rejection of prejudice and a promotion of kindness and understanding.   As a team we have a focus on a shared humanity and a joy of difference.

We believe in equity - in "making room at the table" or elevating minority voices. We love to centre female voices and promote women and gender diverse folk in leadership roles.  The characters in our show are intelligent, and inspiring leaders, and so too are the women and gender diverse folk behind the scenes!  We also believe in creating safe spaces for our LGBTQIA+ whanau; always honouring pronouns and gender identities; and are setting ourselves diversity goals in our team. 

When finding new collaborators, we have a positive bias towards people of colour, women, and LGBTQIA+ folk and specifically acknowledge that our industry needs to make stronger strides to active inclusion for our BIPOC professionals. 



We want to take into consideration our friends who may have different abilities or needs when engaging with our work as collaborators or as audience members.  

We promise to publicise (in accessible formats) information about wheelchair accessibility, bathroom facilities, accessible parking, and other support available at venues. We would love to work towards the visions of Arts Access Aotearoa by increasing access to the arts for people with disabilities. We are utilising Arts Access Aotearoa's accessibility checklists when approaching our web design, marketing, venues, and more. 

We have a goal of eventually delivering fully accessible performances including Audio Described, NZSL Interpreted, and Sensory Relaxed. But are also excited about finding other ways to build accessibility into our processes at every step.  If you'd like to talk to someone about how we can make our work accessible to you, you are more than welcome to contact us.  

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We acknowledge that artists are more likely to deal with mental health issues, so are building positive mental health processes into our work and utilising networks and resources that exist to support this kaupapa (like Whariki Hauora and the Arts Wellbeing Collective).  We want to create a working environment where conversations around mental health are safe and important so that we can work in safe and sustainable ways. 

For our audiences, we also want to make sure you're ok.  If you've found any element of our work distressing or triggering we encourage you to engage with mental health professionals.  We will ensure that mental health support contact details are made available to our audiences after every performance. 

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We believe in the power of theatre.  We think theatre (and the artists who make it) are crucial to the social fabric of Aotearoa.  We hope that ‘ALONE’ serves as a platform that upskills our creative team so that they can build meaningful and sustainable arts careers and bring even more exciting stories to New Zealand audiences! 

We encourage you to follow each of our artists on social media; hire them for other projects if you have opportunities for them; and generally support Kiwi theatre and venues.  Following us on social media; posting about us and tagging us on social media; telling your friends about us; donating to our fundraisers; subscribing to our mailing list; or reaching out if you think there's a way you or your business can help us (whether via sponsorship, in kind goods, or just by promoting our work) are tangible ways you can support the future of NZ arts and keep live theatre like 'ALONE' alive! 

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Thank you

to the many generous people who have made this project possible. 

In support of our 2021 North Island tour, our thanks particularly to Auckland Vehicle Rentals, Hell Pizza, Lone Star, Joe's Garage, Elixir Cafe New Plymouth, Eyes and Ears Video Production, Calvin Sang, Chillbox Creative, Te Pou Theatre, Skycity, Rose Centre Belmont, Adam Rohe, University of Auckland, Tim Bray Theatre Company, Michael Wightman, Ben Sarten Imagery, Mark and Carol Thornborough, Becky and Steve Thornborough, Mary Rackham and Brian Bowler, Auckland Fringe Festival, Renee Liang, Stuart Hoar, Henric Matthiesen, Sandani Hiranya, Judith Clumpas, Hayley Robertson, Will Prosor, Ainsley Calderwood, Daryl Wong, Naiomi Murgatroyd, MOTAT, Amber Curreen, Emma Bishop, our generous venues, and our incredible Boosted supporters.


The 2021 Wellington season of ALONE at Te Auaha is made possible with the support of Creative NZ and NZ Fringe.


We believe in dreaming big - and we've certainly got some big dreams for 'ALONE'.

We'd love to take 'ALONE' all around New Zealand; tour internationally to show NZ work to overseas audiences (COVID willing); and even one day make a feature film.

We're proud of what we've already accomplished with ALONE and can't wait to see how far we can take it. 

Next stop: actual space.  

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