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If you're interested in programming 'ALONE' at your venue or festival,

please don't hesitate to connect with us HERE.  We'd love to hear from you! 



Show Duration: 90 minutes

Genre: Drama/Sci-fi Thriller

Cast: 2 

Touring Crew: 5 (2 Cast, 1 Operator, 2 Support) 

Own Operator: Yes 

Pack in/out time: Flexible to short pack in times

Venue: Flexible to most theatre types (including site specific - show debuted in the MOTAT Aviation Hangar)

Appeal: General Theatre Audiences, Eco-conscious Consumers, Bowie Fans, Sci-Fi Fans

Cost: Currently seeking guarantee or box office split arrangements


WINNER: SYNZ Tour Ready Production Award - NZ Fringe Festival 2021

WINNER: 'Best Theatre' at Auckland Fringe Festival 2020

WINNER: PANNZ Tour Ready Production Award 2020

NOMINATED: Sydney Fringe Festival 'Best Theatre' Award 2022

NOMINATED: Melbourne Fringe Festival Tour Ready Award 2022


'ALONE' is a new award-winning Kiwi play about space exploration, feminism, climate change, and David Bowie.  It's an exciting and innovative sci-fi thriller with sustainability at its core.  Created by a passionate group of Kiwi actors and artists, 'ALONE' is an intense and thrilling ride to the edges of space and humanity. 


Written and Directed by Luke Thornborough  

Starring Kat Glass and Courtney Bassett

ALONE-12 (2).jpg


Aboard a crowd-funded spacecraft called ‘The Lily of the Nile’, a two-woman crew are on the home stretch of a two-year mission that could provide a solution for an Earth ravaged by climate change.

Pragmatic and passionate Doctor Sarah Taylor believes her work with foreign micro-bacterium could make Earth habitable once more. Jessica Holland – a charismatic and quick-witted young pilot - is charged with getting Doctor Taylor’s work and samples home. The pair must navigate a terse working environment, questions of faith vs. science, and a ship that's falling apart at the seams, and time is running out! 

Dusty Room Productions is proud to present 'ALONE' - a heart-racing intergalactic exploration of what, or who, is really worth saving. 


“an original, suspenseful and genuinely moving script showcasing the talents of two amazing actors. I didn’t move for 90 mins”

“An incredible achievement.

I loved every moment of it”

“Had us on the edge of the seat. Any show that starts with Bowie music is too cool for earth. Never predictable and very Kiwi even in space”

“10/10 — Fantastic set! Incredible acting! Complex women characters!”

“A must-see in the @aklfringe this year”

“Honestly the best thing at Fringe. Emotionally wrecked me but in a good way”



Full press kit will include:

- key and poster imagery in full range of dimensions and file types

- production images 

- video trailer and other social media assets

- audience feedback quotes and awards recognition

- press releases tailored to multiple strands of market appeal and strategy

- full branding pack (logos, font packs)

-marketing strategy pack (demographic stats, tone, outreach, etc.) 

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