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To talk to us about your accessibility needs or for help deciding if ALONE is right for you

please contact


Accessibility is at the forefront of our team vision.

We think live theatre is an incredible experience which every person has the right to access. 

We have big dreams for ALONE,  and we hope to take our dreams all over the world.  Our 2021 Regional NZ tour is just Phase Two of our Five Phased plan. We aim to increase our accessible theatre offerings at every phase of development as we grow our team, our resources, and demand for the show.  

We have goals of delivering a full line up of accessible offerings including NZSL interpreted shows, Audio Described shows, and Sensory Relaxed performances, so that disability is no barrier to experiencing our show.  

Some of our team have already been at the forefront of developing and delivering Sensory Relaxed performances

in NZ, and we are excited to apply some of those learnings to ALONE.

Accessible theatre requires research, resources and demand. We plan to work directly with communities of people with disabilities and access groups to build our accessible performances. 

So get in touch with us if you think you can help us in any way to achieve our goals of offering a full suite

of accessible shows, or if you have any thoughts about how ALONE could be more accessible to you!


While we're striving towards our goals of delivering dedicated accessible shows, we acknowledge that there's also lots we can do RIGHT NOW to help address and improve accessibility in the arts.  


We're utilising the resources of Arts Access Aotearoa as well as our team’s real experience in delivering accessible theatre performances to improve accessibility for ALONE.  


These steps include: 

Enquiring about and publicising accessibility information about our venues in accessible formats

Making it EASY to find accessibility info or to access resource packs. Accessibility information will live on this page or be sent directly to you upon email request or you can contact us directly with questions.

Considering font choice, image description, captions and voice over options for advertising and other elements. 

Running scheduled pre-show touch tours/introduction sessions. Many people find that meeting the team briefly before the show to hear about some of the show elements, get a preview of any loud or bright sound or lights, hear or see the actors introduce themselves and their characters, and familiarise themselves with the set and venue, is a helpful way to make their theatre visit more enjoyable.

Creating resources that may help you decide if the show is right for you and/or to help you prepare to attend the show.   For example story outlines that cover any parts of the show that feature loud sounds or complicated production elements, theatre rules and etiquette, and information about our venues. Once these are created closer to our show dates, they will live on this page ready for you to download!

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